• Black Box teater
  • Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival
  • 8.–17. March 2018
  • Performances, installations, talks,
    seminars and festival club
  • Marie Bergby Handeland(NO)
  • Forfatterbevegelsen (The Author Movement)
  • Thursday 15,19:00–20:30
  • Friday 16,19:00–20:30
  • Saturday 17,17:00–18:30

Forfatterbevegelsen (The Author Movement) comprises six solos performed by six authors. Each of them has chosen one of their own literary works which they could imagine re-publishing in the form of contemporary dance. Reinvented, the works have also been given new titles: Tur med hunden, Biltema, Tohundreogsyttini, En seremoni et annet sted, Det blir aldri lyst her and En folkedans. Forfatterbevegelsen shows how specific rhythms, tempos, moods and relocation in text can also be found in the bodies of the people who conceived and wrote them. After many years interest in the written form, choreographer Marie Bergby Handeland developed the urge to explore movement with people who usually sit motionless, writing. Working closely with the authors Henning Bergsvåg, Gro Dahle, Tina Åmodt, Kjartan Fløgstad, Gunstein Bakke and Aina Villanger, Bergby Handeland explores what kind of movement language lies within.

Marie Bergby Handeland studied at Iceland Academy of the Arts, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, and Forfatter­studiet i Bø. Marie has la long-standing interest in working with non-professionals, and Forfatterbevegelsen is a natural progression of her work as an artist. Bergby Handeland describes her choreography as a persistent pressure on the body, something which, rather than working negatively to restrict, suppress and flatten bodies, instead strives to push them outward into ever-increasing expansions.

  • Concept and choreography: Marie Bergby Handeland.
  • Performers: Gro Dahle, Aina Villanger, Henning Bergsvåg, Kjartan Fløgstad, Tina Åmodt, Gunstein Bakke
  • Texts performed: Magdalenafjorden, Audiens, Du er ikke her, Total Eclipse of the mind, Haren, Det blir aldri lyst her
  • Set and light design: Elisabeth Kjeldahl Nilsson
  • Music: Elisabeth Vatn
  • Reading: Morten Liene
  • Graphic design: Marie Haakstad
  • Costumes: Marie Bergby Handeland
  • Costume consultant: Matilda Karlström
  • Production: Jorunn Kjersem Hildre
  • Co-producer: Dansens Hus
  • Supported by: Norsk Kulturråd, Fond for lyd og bilde, Fond for utøvende kunstnere, Oslo kommune and Dramatikkens Hus (Oslo).