• Black Box teater
  • Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival
  • 8.–17. March 2018
  • Performances, installations, talks,
    seminars and festival club
  • El Conde de Torrefiel(ES)
  • La posibilidad que desaparece frente al paisaje
  • Friday 16,21:00–22:20
  • Saturday 17,21:00–22:20

“Everything interesting takes place in the dark; there is no doubt about it. We know nothing of the true story of the men” – Louis Ferdinand Céline

La posibilidad que desaparece frente al paisaje takes us on a tour of Europe via ten cities, chosen for the fantasy worlds they conjure in the imagination: Madrid, Berlin, Marseille, Lisbon, Kiev, Brussels, Thessaloniki, Warsaw, Lanzarote and Florence. These ten landscapes are inhabited by four performers and an off-stage voice, creating a multiplicity of opinions on today’s Europe and the history it carries with it; it is as if the images, bodies and text are at odds with each other, yet their eventual confrontation is laden with meaning. The piece traces a horizontal line between map and territory, revealing the barbarism buried deep beneath the beauty and calm. Whether they are attributed to anonymous individuals or famous intellectuals and artists, their words tell unconventional everyday stories and call into question what and how we see.

  • In Spanish with English subtitles.
  • With the support of the AC/E Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture (PICE) for the shows in Oslo

Since 2010, El Conde de Torrefiel has been stirring up audiences across Europe with their abrasive shows. Co-founded and orchestrated by Pablo Gisbert and Tanya Beyeler, their creations seek a visual and textual aesthetic in which theatre, choreography, literature and the visual arts coexist. This is the first time their work is presented in the Nordic region.

  • Conceived and devised by: El Conde de Torrefiel in collaboration with the performers
  • Direction, dramaturgy: Tanya Beyeler, Pablo Gisbert
  • Text: Pablo Gisbert
  • Light design: Octavio Más
  • Scenography: Jorge Salcedo
  • Music: Rebecca Praga, Salacot
  • Sound design: Adolfo García
  • Choreography: Amaranta Velarde
  • Technical director on tour: Isaac Torres
  • With: Nicolás Carbajal Cerchi, David Mallols, Nicolas Chevallier, Albert Pérez Hidalgo
  • Voice: Tanya Beyeler
  • Translator: Nika Blazer (English)
  • Co-production: Festival TNT de Terrassa, Graner Espai de creació de Barcelona, El lugar sin límites /Teatro Pradillo/CDN Madrid
  • Support by: Programa IBERESCENA, La Fundición de Bilbao, Antic Teatre de Barcelona, ICEC – Generalitat de Catalunya, Institut Ramón LLull, INAEM – Ministerio de Cultura
  • Premiered at CDN (Madrid) in 2015.